TechCast #72 – Typesafe’s Jamie Allen on Scala present and future, Scalathon 2012 and training events

Regular listeners will recognize Jamie Allen’s voice from a number of podcast episodes at Chariot. He recently left us to join Typesafe, the sponsors of the Scala language, Akka, Play and other items that make up the Typesafe stack. We discuss a number of topics, including: Scala helps you write good code out of the … Read More

ETE 2012 – Joshua Suereth – Effective Scala

From the abstract: A talk on general best practices in Scala, taken from real world experience and examples in the book Scala In Depth. This covers everything from what is an implicit to programming with expressions. If you’re not comfortable with the Scala, this talk will show you how to make use of this elegant … Read More

ETE 2011 – Jonas Boner – Above the Clouds – Introducing Akka

From Jonas Boner’s abstract: “We believe that one should never have to choose between productivity and scalability, which has been the case with traditional approaches to concurrency and distribution. The cause of that has been the wrong tools and the wrong layer of abstraction – and Akka is here to change that. Akka is using … Read More

OpEd: Yammering about Scala, Java, and Winning

This is an opinion piece that represents the views of the author, and does not represent the official stance of Chariot Solutions. But sometimes it is fun to weigh in on the news of the day. There has been quite a dust up in the blogosphere about Yammer’s decision to switch from using Scala to … Read More

Akka Scheduler: Actors with Heartbeats

Akka is an excellent platform for writing concurrent applications using the Actor model. Chariot architect Anatoly Polinsky describes the Akka scheduler and how you can use it to create a heartbeat for an actor. From Anatoly’s blog: AKKA Scheduler: Sending Message to Actor’s Self on Start Akka has a little scheduler written using actors. This … Read More

DevNews #35 – A slew of Google IO announcements, Scala forces join, and more

In this week’s episode, we’ve given Eric a lot of coffee and set him loose on the Google I/O announcements.  We also discuss the new Scala / Akka company, TypeSafe, Hudson being donated to the Eclipse foundation, 7 inch tablets, and Matt Riable’s foray into demonstrating Java EE 6 security. Raible Designs | Java Web … Read More

TechCast #49 – Venkat Subramaniam on Groovy and Dynamic Languages

Venkat Subramaniam is a widely acclaimed speaker, author, professor, and creator of Agile Developer, a mentoring and training company. He joined us on the techcast to talk about programming using dynamic languages.  He is well known for his talks and book on the Groovy language, has just published a book on Scala, and discusses his … Read More

Where is Java Headed?

Welcome to 2010! As a way to start the new year, Joel Confino, one of our architects and future blog contributor, sat down for an interview to discuss his opinions on Java’s future course. As you will hear in this interview, there are more options as Java is maturing. We will be exploring some of … Read More

TechCast #47 – Jonas Boner on the Akka framework, Scala, and highly scalable applications

Today’s podcast features Jonas Bonér, the creator of the Akka framework.  If you’ve been listening to the podcast, especially to Episode #37 with Alex Miller on Java Concurrency, here is an alternative approach to providing scalability on the Java VM. Akka features an implementation of Actors, Software Transactional Memory, and Transactors, a hybrid approach to … Read More