Exploring the Play Framework: Testing

This is the first in a series of posts in which we will explore building applications with the Play Framework. Today we will focus on creating a very simple barebones application and applying some tests to it. Starting A Skeleton Application Complete sample code for this article can be found at play-samples/minimal. The only prerequisite … Read More

AngularJS Corner – The ngMock and ngMockE2E libraries

AngularJS provides two powerful mock and test support modules, both contained in a single script file. The modules, ngMock and ngMockE2E, provide different features for different purposes, though both modules are defined in, angular-mocks.js. In this post I’ll explain the differences between the modules and how they get mounted in a test scenario.

Effective Testing: Don't Read the Spec First!

By acting like a first-time or uneducated user of a system, I’m more likely to come across errors not found on the system’s “happy path”, often turning up more “page not found” or “an error has occurred” messages.

DevNews #74 – Our 2013 recap, 2014 guesses and much more

Ken and Joel give their “predictions” and “recap” of 2014, which is purely their version, but somebody’s got to do it. Also, we talk tools for testing in NodeJS, namely Mocha and Chai, some linux and regex visualization websites, a < $300 ChromeBook announced by Toshiba at CES, writing and posting HTML content on GitHub using gh_pages, and more.

PhillyETE Screencast #19 – Spock – A highly logical way to test – Howard Lewis Ship

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From the abstract: “Spock is a fabulous new testing framework for the JVM. Spock leverages all the DSL power of the Groovy language to make testing a breeze. Spock tests are concise and readable, with excellent support for error reporting and for mock object creation. Spock removes much of the pain from test driven development! … Read More

Android Unit Testing With Robolectric

Are you interested in adding Robolectric to your development process? Here’s a quick introduction to the most common types of test cases and some best practices to consider when deciding your testing strategy. I’ve created two example apps for your reference. The first is a glorified Hello World and the other is a simple animation … Read More

Integrating Robolectric with IntelliJ

Unit testing is a best practice, but has been particularly difficult in Android. One library that makes this process much simpler is Robolectric. Integration into your project can be tricky and most methods start with maven and create an Android project from scratch. I’m a huge fan of living in IDE-land as much as possible, … Read More