Ken Rimple

IoT on AWS – Amplify Mobile Applications and Device Shadows

In this session we will walk through the steps required to securely communicate with your device using the Device Shadow service. This will include an overview of user authentication and authorization, connecting to AWS IoT, and using MQTT to communicate with the device’s “Device Shadow” to read and update its state. All this, using the AWS Amplify CLI and SDK.

By Steve Smith, Mobile Practice Lead at Chariot Solutions

IoT on AWS – Cyber Solutions’ Steve Pressman on Data Protection and Cloud Security

Storing your data in AWS can be the best decision you ever make, or the worst nightmare you can fathom. It all depends on the decisions you make at the design and implementation phases of your project and the diligence you apply throughout your development and operations cycles. This presentation will take you through the biggest areas where you need to focus your efforts in order to keep your data safe at AWS, and will show some real-life examples of what could go wrong if you make compromises or allow bad practices

By Steve Pressman, President & Chief Solutions Architect at Alpine Cyber Solutions

IoT on AWS – Cost Components

Amazon uses a “pay as you go” pricing model: you pay for the resources that you use, and in most cases don’t need to pre-allocate resources. While this allows your business to scale, it means that each component of your data pipeline will incur a separate charge, which can obscure the overall cost of running the pipeline. This talk will examine those changes, along with strategies for partitioning those costs between your clients or organizational units.

By Keith Gregory, AWS Practice Lead at Chariot Solutions

Ken Rimple – GraphQL Talk at BarCamp Philly 2019

Ken Rimple’s talk on GraphQL for BarCamp Philly 2019 covered the query language, clients and servers, and some thoughts about application of the API. Reach me here on our comments or via twitter at @RimpleOnTech Resources – A sample repository with my (semi-failed but good learning process) attempt at a quiz game in GraphQL

Monthly Meetups: October 2019

This is a monthly roundup of dev groups, meetups, and other special events happening in and around Philly’s tech community. Angular Philly Oct 16h (Wed) Mastering Rxjs & Serverless Full-Stack Architecture (Philly) – Link Agile Philly Oct 21 (Mon) 2019 Fall Conference (Malvern, PA) – Link Leverage AWS Now Oct 29th (Tues) Data Competitions: Hands-on … Read More

Running Linux on Windows with WSL 2 and a Native Kernel

Stuck on Windows but love Linux? You’ve probably tried everything: sprays, powders, running virtual machines, WSL 1.x. But now on the horizon there’s WSL 2.0, which hosts a full Linux Kernel in your running Windows instance and allows you to run things like Docker. Ken discusses his experiences with WSL 2 and provides some getting started resources.

ng-conf 2019 – Ken Rimple – Introduction to Docker for Developers

Setup If you plan on following along you should have installed Docker and it should be running on your computer. Make sure you’ve created a free account on Docker and signed into it with docker login from your command line. A quick call to docker run alpine echo ‘hi there’ should verify that the engine is up and running … Read More

TechCast #110 – Chris Baglieri

In this episode, host Ken Rimple talks to Chris Baglieri of BlackFynn on the company’s work in health research-related data science. He discusses how he and his team aids researchers who are attacking Parkinson’s disease and other disorders. They’ve been doing the deep genetic research that has benefitted cancer research over the past two decades. … Read More

TechCast #109 – Rob Napier on Swift

In this episode, Chariot’s Ken Rimple speaks to upcoming Philly ETE speaker Rob Napier, author of the RNCryptor encryption format and co-author of iOS Programming, Pushing the Limits. They discuss the evolution of the Swift language. His talk, Generic Swift: It Isn’t Supposed to Hurt, covers how to properly develop code using Generics in Swift. … Read More

TechCast #108 – Carol Nichols on Rust

Overview Carol Nichols is a Rust core team member who consults and trains Rust in Pittsburgh, PA. She is speaking at Philly Emerging Tech 2019 – her talk is Rust, a Language for the Next 40 Years. Carol got involved in Rust when she was working on tuning Ruby application and wrote some C routines … Read More