Tracey Welson-Rossman

Linda Rising at Philly ETE

I received some assistance in my attempt to videotape our speakers, from Ahsen Jaffer. Ahsen handled the Agile “room”. He was also instrumental in helping us book the Agile track. Here is his interview with Linda Rising with a recap of her talk – Deception and Estimation – How We Fool Ourselves. It was an … Read More

More Video Reports from Philly ETE

Adam Blum gives us his 30 second overview on his talk at Philly ETE. His talk on best practices for smart phone business apps was well attended. It was great to meet Adam in person.

Emerging Technologies for the Enterprise 2010 – Ed Burns

Ed Burns sat down for a quick interview to discuss his talk on Rock Star Programmers. I was very impressed that his family was there attending his session including his son. Also, as you can see, I do need to stop cutting off the top of my interviewees heads.

Emerging Technologies for the Enterprise 2010 – First Day Recap

Our first day for the Emerging Technologies for the Enterprise Conference was fantastic. The attendees have been engaged, the speakers have been really terrific. The weather was beautiful! I will try and give you a glimpse of some of the talks with short clips of interviews with as many speakers as I could catch. It … Read More

Jason van Zyl – Maven expert and Chariot guest blogger

Chariot’s blog is trying something new today. I asked Jason van Zyl to give our audience a preview of his talk at Philly ETE this year. I know it is a bit of promotion for the conference, but our conference planning committee knows we have the best content to date. This year, we are also … Read More

Mobile Platforms – Interview with Roy Rosin and Rick Rasansky

I am a little behind on editing a backlog of videos. As I continue to learn how to edit and not become frustrated with iMovie (why is it Apple can create so many great, intuitive products, yet this one is difficult to use! That will be another blog post for another time!) This interview took … Read More

Interview on JQuery

Two weeks ago, Chariot Solutions had a day long event for our consulting team. With the original name of Chariot Day, our team has a series of talks on all different subjects. Some of the talks are on topics which may never see the light of day in the enterprise, some are about more accepted … Read More