Chariot iPhone Application to Monitor Java App Servers

We at Chariot have been working on an iPhone application to monitor Java EE application servers. Dubbed “ServerMonitor,” the application can connect to an application server and monitor various aspects of the system.The application uses RESTful web services to communicate with a monitoring web application. This web application communicates with the JMX Server on the application server and relays the information to the iPhone client. Features Although this is an alpha version of the application, and we are soliciting feedback,…

First evening at JBoss World

We had a very nice start to our time at JBoss World last night.  There was an opening party from 6-9 in the Partner Pavilion where the attendees mingled with the exhibitors. We were able to interview Emanuel Bernard and Manik Surtani.  I hope to upload those later today.  If not, they will be up on the blog early next week.  We also were able to catch up with Greg Hinkle, lead of the JON team at JBoss.  Greg was…

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