Come to Chariot's Data I/O Event on October 30th and Learn about All Things Data

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We are holding an all-day event on October 30th, downtown in the Philadelphia Cira Centre, that shines a light on large-scale data processing and application management. In this article I’m going to explain a bit about the event’s goals, and some information on the speakers and talks we’ve been lining up.

First, the logistics. You can find out the full details and register on this page, but here are the basics:

Date/Time, etc

When: October 30, 2013
Where: The Cira Centre, Philadelphia, PA

Cost: $80 – includes breakfast and lunch

Speakers include

  • Camille Fournier – Camille is Head of Engineering at Rent the Runway, and a committer for Apache Zookeeper. She’s focused on open-source infrastructure. Zookeeper is a set of glue services that keeps a distributed application platform like Hadoop running across multiple nodes.
  • Lars George – Lars George is speaking about big data from experience. He’s been working on the HBase, a Hadoop database tool, since 2007, serving as the EMEA (Europe, the Middle East, and Africa) Chief Architect for Cloudera. He also authored HBase – the Definitive Guide.
  • Lance Ball – The word on the street lately has been all about node.js and Javascript. Node uses a great event-driven model to process web requests. However, while Node has gotten all the hype, Vert.x has been quietly creating a storm. Vert.x is also event-driven, but it easily scales – using the JVM and the Hazelcast-based clustering mechanism to quickly expand and manage application nodes. Vert.x isn’t just programmable in Javascript, but in Java, Groovy, Ruby and even Python. It can run stand-alone, in clusters, even embedded in your own applications. Lance is the creator of Vert.x, which recently moved to the Eclipse Foundation where it enjoys a vendor-neutral standing. It is girded by the Java Netty fast native-I/O API. Come see how you can get Polyglot programming, Java, Javascript, AND scaling all in one platform.
  • Max De Marzi – Max is passionate about graph-based data. Any items that can be related together in a relational model usually have inferred hierarchy, but are stuck in the world of the Tuple. In neo4j, the Graph-based database from Neo Technology, you design your datasets using objects and relationships in a graph-oriented way. Max will review some key use cases, such as social networking, recommendation engines, personalization, and a number of others to see how you can leverage Neo4j to quickly handle large, interconnected datasets.
  • Claudia Perlich – Claudia was a keynoter at Chariot’s 2013 Emerging Technologies for the Enterprise conference, where she talked about data science as an industry. She has a strong data analysis background, holding a PhD in Information Systems from NYU, and is the Chief Data Scientist at Media Six Degrees. Claudia holds several patents, has spoken at dozens of conferences and is an author on a number of papers, journals and books.
  • Grant Ingersoll – As a founder of LucidWorks, he supports the active Lucene search community. He is a committer to Solr, which is an enterprise search platform that allows for full-text searching of large volumes of traffic.
  • Eric Snyder Amazon Redshift is a SQL-based clustered data warehouse with instant on-demand scaling and pay-as-you-use techniques. Eric will show you the pros and cons of this service.
  • Walt Mankowski – Angle – Walt Mankowski will review several Python APIs that can do math and science calculations at the speed of C/Fortran, but with simplicity of scripting. There is NumPy, a math library that can deal with multi-dimensional data, and SciPy, which extends NumPy with scientific calculation features.

We are awaiting abstracts from a few of our speakers, but hopefully this gives you an idea of the types of topics they’ll be speaking about. For $80 and a day of your time, we are providing you with a day of talks in a number of key data analysis and processing areas. Sign up today and secure your seat.

Details and registration links