DevNews #96 – ng-conf 2015 – day 1 recap – Angular 2, 1.4 and more

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Salt Lake City, Utah, is a beautiful place to have a conference. The organizers must realize that, as they planned ski trips and other events all around the show. That said, I’ve been locked up in my hotel room for the most part digesting what I’ve learned in Day 1. There is a live stream of the conference, and the YouTube videos are coming quickly, but I figured I’d devote two quick DevNews episodes to a first-person recap.I will be blogging for months based on the material I’ve picked up here.

Here are a few highlights of the conference, day 1.

Topics and linked videos


All of ng-conf 2015 will be available as a YouTube playlist – in fact, right now!

Other specific ng-conf day 1 videos