Serverless or Bust Part 2 – Handling Events and Securing Lambdas

In our first installment, we discussed how the Serverless Framework provided an easy way to deploy a Lambda (function) on AWS. But we skipped some pretty big topics: How Serverless manages our services How AWS Lambdas receive parameters, path variables, and query strings How to secure Lambdas from unauthorized use How to get something done … Read More

Serverless or bust part 1 – setting up a Lambda in Serverless

In this article we’ll take a look at a cloud-based application platform, Serverless, and what it takes to get a simple function hosted on Amazon Web Services (aws), including configuring security with Amazon Cognito, and a front-end client with Angular. There are a lot of little things going on here, so I’ve drawn out a … Read More

What's New in Ionic 2

Now that Angular 2 is final, I thought I’d take another look at Ionic 2. With an Ionic 2 Release Candidate also available, hopefully everything will be a bit more stable from here on forward… (Hopefully.) In any case, here are some of the differences I’ve found in Ionic 2 compared to Ionic 1: The … Read More

Testing Angular 2 Components with Unit Tests and the TestComponentBuilder (RC1+)

Note – I’ve updated this article and created a new github project using angular-cli to test it. Run all tests with ng test after following instructions at https://github.com/krimple/angular2-unittest-samples-rc Testing Components In my last post, I discussed how to write tests in Angular 2 based on the new angular-testing API. We learned how to stand up … Read More

Angular 2 Beta 0 (somnambulant-inauguration) lands – Small App with Rxjs, TypeScript

Now that sonambulent-inauguration, properly known as Angular 2.0.0-beta.0, has dropped, let’s see what the public API is shaping up to be. We’ll review how to create a component from the application bootstrap, using the Http API to fetch a JSON object from HTTP, and see how the template API has changed now that we have to use camelCased property names.