TechCast #81 – Recap of the StrangeLoop 2013 conference with Joe Berger, Dan Boykis and Anatoly Polinsky

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In this podcast, I am joined by Dan Boykis and Anatoly Polinsky, two of our Chariot consultants who attended The Strange Loop conference in September. I also have some reflections from Chariot consultant Joe Berger, provided via email. Strange Loop is a 2-day conference with wraparound tutorials, and also contained a language “un-conference” by Alex Payne.

Topics covered include:

  • Keynotes by Martin Odersky, Jenny Finkel, and Douglas Hofstdadter
  • Pre-emerging languages camp
  • Clojure, and clojurescript
  • Scala and the problem of types
  • The Core Async library
  • the AngularJS workshop
  • The VIM workshop

Slides from the show are available on GitHub.