Philly ETE 2020 – Artem Chistyakov – Choosing Your Giants: Principles for Navigating the Landscape of Emerging Tech

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Functional or object-oriented, relational or schemaless, on-premises or entirely serverless: for better or worse, technology choices in software development remain mostly ideological. Whether we prefer to “stand on the shoulders of giants”, use “the right tool for the job”, or eschew anything “not invented here”, we must acknowledge the effects of this ideology on our systems, our customers, and our careers.

In this presentation, we’ll establish a framework for evaluating and adopting emerging technology that is mindful of the business but keeps the engineers engaged and productive. For this, we’ll jump back and forth in time, examine several case studies, and glean wisdom from available research.

About Artem Chistyakov

Artem is a Staff Engineer at Betterment, where he and his brilliant teammates are making the Betterment for Advisors platform a little better every day. He believes that having a lot of fun is key to building quality software. He writes an indy blog where he shares his joy for programming all kinds of things in various programming languages. Outside of work, Artem plays a variety of musical instruments and makes a slow progress towards his life goal of beating every boss in Dark Souls.