15 Minutes With: Drew DeCarme & Matt Gilbride

Project Tech Dive: Docker, TypeScript, React and Lerna FTW! Ken Rimple, Drew DeCarme, and Matt Gilbride reflect on the technologies and techniques they used to stand up a Docker-based web application on AWS.

Getting Chatty with Angular, Socket.IO, Node/Express and Bootstrap

Now that we’re well into the client/server age of the web with client-side frameworks such as AngularJS and Ember, it’s time to start revisiting those typical sample projects and reviewing how they’ll change with a more intelligent client. In this tutorial we’ll wire up an AngularJS single-page web application to communicate with Web Sockets using Socket.IO and host the application using NodeJS for an all-Javascript stack.

DevNews #74 – Our 2013 recap, 2014 guesses and much more

Ken and Joel give their “predictions” and “recap” of 2014, which is purely their version, but somebody’s got to do it. Also, we talk tools for testing in NodeJS, namely Mocha and Chai, some linux and regex visualization websites, a < $300 ChromeBook announced by Toshiba at CES, writing and posting HTML content on GitHub using gh_pages, and more.

Javascript's Modern Web Tools – Node Package Manager

The Node Package Manager, or npm, is one of the most useful utilities downloaded with NodeJS. It is used to install various Javascript tools and libraries, including web frameworks like Connect and Express. This tutorial shows you how to get started with the npm tool.