Enterprise Integration with Spring Training

Are you a Spring Developer? Do you have Enterprise solutions to develop or architect? Chariot Solutions, a Spring Training Partner and Philadelphia leader in Spring Training, Mentoring and Consulting can help you take your Spring skills to the next level – Enterprise Integration! There are many Spring developers who have learned by experimenting, reading documentation … Read More

Simple Spring Social for Twitter Friends

The Spring Social project provides us developers with an easy way to interact with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn & TripIt via the familiar Template objects we have used. Spring has provided Templates for convenient interaction with JDBC, REST, Hibernate, JNDI, and more. One of the simplest social media calls is to lookup someone’s Twitter friends with … Read More

DevNews #26 – Everybody is a Legacy Framework, Apple JDK Deprecation, IBM drops Harmony, mass hysteria

Ok, folks.  So many things happened in the past week that we needed to get an episode out to talk about them. Not that Eric or me have any line into correct reasoning behind anything, but we wanted to talk, so here it is:  our Cats-and-Dogs episode! We have several debates raging in Java-land right … Read More

DevNews #17 – Roo, Gradle, Grails, Rails, Security and Cloud Backup

Our development news episode today is brought to you by the letter ‘C’.  C is for Cloud. Links: Using gradlew (the Gradle Wrapper) for Easy Gradle Execution: http://mrhaki.blogspot.com/2010/05/gradle-goodness-use-gradlew-for-easy.html Cucumber, a brief overview: http://www.lostechies.com/blogs/joeydotnet/archive/2010/06/01/cucumber.aspx Using OpenID authentication on App Engine: http://blog.notdot.net/2010/05/Using-OpenID-authentication-on-App-Engine What’s a plugin-oriented architecture (Grails plugins and web slices):  http://blog.springsource.com/2010/06/01/whats-a-plugin-oriented-architecture/ Using SpringSource Tool Suite 2.3.3.M1 with Roo … Read More

TechCast #32 – Grails discussion with Brent Baxter and Gordon Dickens

Grails is a convention over configuration web framework, written in the Groovy dynamic language and based on the widely adopted Spring and Hibernate frameworks.  In this TechCast, I sit down with Chariot’s Gordon Dickens and Brent Baxter and discuss the relative merits of developing applications on the platform. We talk about the Groovy language, the … Read More

TechCast #6 – What’s new in Spring 2.5? (ETE Presentation)

This presentation, by Rossen Stoyanchev from SpringSource, was delivered at the 2008 Emerging Technologies for the Enterprise conference.  Rossen discusses changes in the Spring Framework version 2.5, concerning Java and J2EE, AspectJ, OSGi, Annotation-driven configuration, Spring MVC, and new testing support with the TestContext framework. You can find the presentation slides on our web site … Read More