TechChat Tuesdays #58: A “Qwik” Front-End Episode with Drew DeCarme

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Host Ken Rimple welcomes Chariot consultant and resident front-end expert Drew DeCarme to the show. The two talk TypeScript 5.0, specifying Javascript with the TC39, Qwik, and more.

Host Notes

  • Philly Emerging Tech is back for 2023! We’re back in-person, with a livestream ticket option as well. In-person seating is limited, so take advantage of our early bird pricing now. Check out the website for lineup, tickets, and more details.
  • In fact, our guest Drew DeCarme is speaking at Philly ETE 2023. Get more info about his talk, Your Browser is Pooped: A Real-World Application of Using Web Workers to Create a 100% Browser-Based Barcode Scanner
  • We’ve always got great content on the Chariot blog, written by our developers: it’s got over 20 years of tech reviews, tutorials, and more.

Show Notes

  • Avro offers compact storage and a schema in every file that tells you what data it holds. But how do you create these files in your data lake? Our AWS Practice Lead shares three ways
  • Also by Keith: learn how to keep JSON from polluting your data lakes in his post
  • You want modules, not microservices
  • Announcing TypeScript 5.0, now in beta
  • The TC39, responsible for specifying Javascript
  • The TC39 Process, and the committee responsible for evolving the ECMAScript programming language and authoring the specification
  • Our podcast interview with the head of the TC-39 committee in 2015, Dr. Allen Wirfs-Brock
  • Qwik, a new kind of web framework that can deliver instant loading web applications at any size or complexity
  • Our podcast interview from 2014 with the founder of Qwik, Misko Hevery, of Angular fame
  • Our podcast interview with Mike Hartington from Ionic a year later



Producer note: This episode took place on January 31, 2023. This is a recording. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to keep up with all our new tech content.