Javascript's Modern Web Tools – Node Package Manager

The Node Package Manager, or npm, is one of the most useful utilities downloaded with NodeJS. It is used to install various Javascript tools and libraries, including web frameworks like Connect and Express. This tutorial shows you how to get started with the npm tool.

Javascript's Modern Web Tools – Introduction

If you’re used to writing jQuery scripts and trying them from your browser, you’ll probably be surprised to know that over the past few years, tools have cropped up to make the old browser language more enterpris-ey. This multi-part tutorial series shows you how the world of Javascript tooling has invaded and provided ways to handle dependency management, build processing, and application assembly in a whole new way.

Getting Things Done with Task Warrior

Sometimes I need to keep a list to keep me on target. Since I spend most of my day on a command line I need to minimize death by alt-tab. That’s one of the things that stops me from using the various beautiful task apps on the desktop. That’s why the command line GTD/task manager Task Warrior got me hooked.

PhoneGap 3.0

PhoneGap 3.0 was released at PhoneGap day in Portland, OR last week. This article looks at the great changes with this new release.

Android Advanced Cursors

If you have been doing Android development for even a little while, you have probably used the provided SQLite functionality to store and retrieve data in a local database on the Android device. If not, you can head over to Lars Vogel’s excellent tutorial website to see how it all works, or to get a refresher. For … Read More

Take (and Manipulate!) a Photo with a Web Page

So not that long ago, if you wanted an app to take a photo, it had to be a native app — such as a Windows/Mac app or a native mobile application.  But HTML5 has brought a number of new APIs that allow not only taking photos, but analyzing and manipulating them all within a browser.