DevNews #33 – The triumphant return of Eric, Node.js, Rails Metaprogramming, much more

We start out this week looking at the career of superprogrammer Fabrice Bellard, and move on to topics as different as RSA seed files and potential compromise, Apple’s 10.6.7 update, graphing and data visualization, metaprogramming in Ruby, heck the list goes on and on… Brought to you by Chariot Solutions Education Services.  This Spring we … Read More

Executing JavaScript from Objective-C in an iOS App

New blog post from Steve Smith, one of the Chariot architects working in our mobile practice. Steve is currently working on updating the mobile app for our Emerging Technologies conference and will be posting articles from time to time as he finds challenges or discoveries. Here is an excerpt: The other day, I found the … Read More

An Introduction to Mobile Device Detection

One of our architects, Steve Smith, recently posted this on his blog: These days, there are many ways to browse the internet.  There are desktop browsers, mobile phone browsers, tablets, tablet/phones (e.g. Dell Streak), etc. all with different screen sizes, resolution, and capabilities.  How do you render an appropriate view optimized for the device accessing … Read More

DevNews #20 – Start, Finish, or Play the Game

Amongst our weaponry… Understanding iOS 4 Backgrounding and Delegate Messaging @ Dr. Touch mxcl’s homebrew at master – GitHub Homebrew: OS X’s Missing Package Manager | Engine Yard Ruby on Rails Blog amf.js – A Pure JavaScript AMF Implementation The Incredible, Growing, Commercial Hadoop Market — GigaOM Pro Another Chance To Win a TShirt: What … Read More

TechCast #50 – Jeremy Grelle on SpringSource’s WEB and RIA APIs

For our 50th episode, I sat down with VMWare/SpringSource’s Jeremy Grelle, an Open Source developer who works on the Spring WebFlow project, among others. Jeremy will be speaking about Spring’s BlazeDS integration library when he comes to town for the Philadelphia Emerging Technologies for the Enterprise Conference in April. We talk about Spring 3.0, and … Read More