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TechChat Tuesdays #1.00001: Wherein we talk WWDC, and other things

Ken Rimple is joined on this broadcast by experts and leaders of Chariot Solutions – Steve Smith, Mobile Practice Lead, and Don Coleman, Chief Innovation Officer. We’ll talk about some of the innovations announced at WWDC this year. And other things could come up as well.

TechCast #117 – Drew DeCarme & Matt Gilbride

Docker, TypeScript, React and Lerna FTW! In TechCast #117, Ken Rimple, Drew DeCarme, and Matt Gilbride reflect on the technologies and techniques they used to stand up a Docker-based web application on AWS.

TechCast #112 – ETE 2019 Keynote Brian Goetz

In this episode, TechCast host Ken Rimple and Chariot consultant Will Vuong are in conversation with Brian Goetz. Brian heads up the Java language team at Oracle, and is one of our two keynotes for the year at Philly ETE 2019.  Ken and Will ask Brian about where the language is headed in version 13, and find out more about how the Open JDK project is organized. They discuss the current JDK development process, how Oracle developers work on the…

TechCast #111 – ETE 2019 Keynote Jessica Kerr

In this episode, host Ken Rimple talks to Jessica Kerr about how we work with software, and how Atomist, the automation tool that she engineers, makes delivery easier. They discuss the current state of open source, making sense of documentation, and why software is such an exciting field to be in right now. Jessica also shares some of the insights she’s gleaned from ‘working out loud’ and solving software problems in real time on her Twitch stream.  

Jessica is bookending this year’s…

TechCast #110 – Chris Baglieri

In this episode, host Ken Rimple talks to Chris Baglieri of BlackFynn on the company’s work in health research-related data science. He discusses how he and his team aids researchers who are attacking Parkinson’s disease and other disorders. They’ve been doing the deep genetic research that has benefitted cancer research over the past two decades. Ken and Chris chat about the challenges of dealing with research data, tools of the trade, and the impact this kind of research could have…